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It was a photo finish! Every month we run a contest on our website and this month the prize (Two movie passes to AMC Theater) was awarded to the first two people to email with an answer to the following question:


Over the past several years we have heard much more about living a “Green” lifestyle,
while building & maintaining our homes in a sustainable “green” friendly fashion. Name
at least 5 (five) actions we can take in our homes and daily lifestyles that would help us
live in a more “green” friendly manner. Suggesting “new & unique” ways to conserve
will result in huge extra credit.

Not surprisingly, we had two winners who showed their green side in lightening speed fashion. Congratulations to William Sindel and Bob Beatty for their great answers below!



William’s ideas:

1. Replace old toilets with WaterSense Labeled toilets.
2. Replace shower heads with high-efficiency shower fixtures.
3. Get a programmable thermostat.
4. Get a ceiling fan to use instead of air conditioning.
5. Install a new energy efficient heating and cooling system.

And Tim – for extra credit – more solutions!

6. Sealing and insulating your house and garage’s walls and ceilings.
7. Choose climate appropriate, drought tolerant, and native/adapted plant species.
8. Wash only full loads of laundry, and select the appropriate water level or load size option on the washing machine and dryer .
9. Finally, what we just did in our new home, test your home for radon.

Bob’s ideas:

5 ways to become more green

1. Replace old windows with Energy Efficient new windows.
2. Have your own home vegetable and herb garden.
3. Buy natural fiber clothing.
Avoid stain resistant or wrinkle resistant clothing – these contain potentially harmful chemicals.
4. Turn water heater down to 120 degrees.
5. Buy locally grown produce – it has traveled less and used less energy to get to you.


6. Plant trees.
7. Install low-flow shower-head and faucet aerators.
8. Donate your used clothing to second-hand stores.
9. Buy products with less packaging.
10. Use product refills rather than new purchases.
11. Capture rain in a rain barrel to use for landscaping and gardening.

Here are some of my own suggestions. Do you have any great tips to add?

1. Insulate everything: Attics, walls, water heaters, duct work, A/C tubing, windows, doors, water lines, basements & crawl spaces, etc.
2. Re-cycle everything: Paper, plastics, glass, cans, building materials, clothing, metal, old/antique fixtures & mechanicals, etc.
3. Compost most things: Lawn clippings & yard waste, deadfall limbs, plants, vegetables, shrubs, some foods, etc.
4. Conserve energy: Replace incandescent lighting, turn off everything not in use, replace old/inefficient appliances, set thermostats higher/lower, install programmable thermostats, install solar cells & wind generators, keep appliances & mechanicals in good working order.
5. Design home systems to: use shade trees & fans to cool, use stored rain water from roofs & ran gutters to water lawns & flower beds, add geo-mass were possible to sustain solar calories in winter, plant gardens & other plants on flat roofs to absorb UV radiation & further insulate attics while eating produce, etc.
6. Use environmentally friendly soaps, detergents & household products including soap-less laundry systems to reduce treatment of water & air, reduce exposure to hazardous wastes, and promote a cleaner and healthier living environment.
7. Use re-cycled products for home improvements: composite decking materials, treated newspaper insulations, fuel pellets for heating, etc.
8. Use more durable/long lasting building products: stone, brick, tile, hardwoods, glass, metal, ceramics, concrete, hardy plank, etc.
9. Use re-usable diapers, re-cycled clothing, re-cycled paper, re-cycled glass, etc.
10. Think about your energy footprint. How much of everything do you need to use and are you willing to re-cycle it? Will you select neighborhoods & homes that reduce travel and consumption? Will you spend a little more to invest in a more sustainable lifestyle? Will you educate and train everyone in the family to live “green” friendly lifestyles.

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