Bathroom Storage: Smart Ways to Stow More

Quick and Stylish Storage

Bathroom vanity storage

Bathroom vanity storage (Photo credit: sassycrafter)


Free-standing furniture, like a glass-front cabinet, is an easy way to increase bath storage space without bumping out walls. Check out salvage and second-hand stores for low-cost pieces you can refinish to match your bath. Before shopping, measure your bath space carefully to make sure the piece you get will fit.

Nooks and Niches

The space between the studs of interior walls is ideal for recessed niches about 14 inches wide. They’re right-sized for shower storage that keeps soaps and shampoos handy without taking up space. Make sure that grout and caulk are well-sealed.

Two for One

Perfect for those tiny bathrooms, an all-in-one solution puts a hand-washing sink over the toilet tank. It also saves money by channeling used “greywater” into the tank for flushing the toilet! A lever on the side of the little counter controls water to the faucet.

No Space Left Behind

Any unused wall space in a bathroom is an opportunity for storage. Create a short wall between a shower stall and doorway to convert to a built-in cabinet and shelving unit only 20 inches wide. Consider removable shelves and back panel to allow access to pipes and valves for plumbing repairs

Storage Gets a Curtain Call

With its multiple pockets, a low-cost ($20) vinyl shower curtain has ample room for hair care products, wash cloths, and your loofah body scrubber. Add decorative items to give your bath a dash of campy style that you can change on a whim

Sticky Situation

Add racks, towel bars, and soap dishes to glass shower doors, ceramic tile, and other slick surfaces with the latest generation of stick-on products. Easy to apply and easy to move, you can shift bath storage accessories around as your needs change. These products are waterproof, strong, and are designed to endure wet conditions. About $20.

Hidden Agenda

Bathtub surrounds may be stylish, but they enclose a lot of space you can put to good use with simple access panels. Install easy-to-remove panels to allow you to store cleaning supplies and toiletries close at hand but neatly out of sight. A typical surround costs about $230.
Every Inch Counts

Whether you’re planning a full-on bathroom addition or simply replacing cabinets, research cabinet options carefully. Clever storage configurations, such as a 3-inch-wide drawer, offer storage for smaller items and precious knickknacks, and help maximize the organizing potential of “leftover” cabinet space.

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